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Astragalus Beauty

Unique composition of extract from the root of astragalus plant and collagen. Enriched with vitamin C and MSM. Supports anti-ageing processes, helps with preventing cell and tissue damage, smoothes and reduces wrinkles, stops aging of skin and helps with its hydration.
29.90 zł
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Astragalus Włosy i paznokcie

The unique combination of zinc and Astragalus helps keep your hair and nails healthy and prevents cell and tissue damage. It improves microcirculation in the hair follicles, preventing excessive hair loss and stimulating new hair growth.
30.00 zł
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Astragalus Osteo Kolagen

Astragalus Osteo Kolagen is a unique combination of sea collagen and astragalus root extract that will help maintain joint function and strengthen bone structure.
33.91 zł
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Astragalus Mea Ekstrakt

Astragalus Mea Ekstrakt contains extract from the root astragalus plant. Protects cells and tissues from oxidative damage, supports immune system, helps with retaining joint elasticity and movability, contributes to normal values of arterial blood pressure, supports physical fitness.
16.90 zł
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Astragalus NewLife – SALE!

Astragalus NewLife is a composition of 4 active substances: extract from the root of astragalus plant, calcium-L-methylfolate, zinc and inositol. Protects cells and tissues from oxidative damage, helps with maintaining normal fertility, contributes to normal development of placenta tissue, supports functions of nervous system.
10 zł
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